Mini Military Mud Run have been working with The Suffering team now since the start of 2015.

Mini Suffering Legends 23rd and 24th June 2018

We can now announce that on the 23rd/24th June 2018 we will be launching our biggest collaboration yet.

Mini Suffering Legends.


Saturday 23rd – first two waves will be for the Mini Suffering Legends only. You will run the 2k course followed by the 5k course.

Sunday 24th – First two waves are for the Mini Suffering Legends only. You will be required to complete the 7k course. this will have two zones that are accessible only to the Mini Suffering Legends and not the standard runners.

We will only be releasing 300 tickets for this event and runners will receive an exclusive Tee should they finish all three distances. (child only)

We will be launching this ticket tonight. Do not miss out on being one of the first Mini Suffering Legends in the WORLD.

Ticket Prices

Child Ticket £50

Adult £10

Car Park £5 on the day Supporting Local Charities


Children from the age of 4 can run the legends. We are recommending age 6, however parents can run to their discretion if they believe their younger child can complete the challenge.